What makes a good team?

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September 12, 2012

We will touch on different topics as we go along.  As our inaugural topic we chose to write about  teams.  As investors, I believe that the more difficult and important part of our job is to assess the ability of the teams to deliver their entrepreneurial idea.  Ideas are abundant.  The creativity of human mind is endless.  Not all of these are commercially viable of course.  Or the risk/return profiles are not everyone’s cup of tea.  However, what sets a good investment opportunity apart among its commercially viable alternatives is the team behind it.

The A Team - Image courtesy of Wikipedia

What makes a good a team?  In addition to the each individual member’s leadership quality, technical competency and hard-work ethics, an characteristic that investors around world have focused on is team chemistry- which takes a different form of composition in each team depending on the personalities of the individuals:

The team will go through easy times and tough times.  They will be short of money for certain periods, and hopefully pretty wealthy at some point.  They will have to make difficulty decisions and argue with each other to find the right answer.   They will hurt each other, get upset each other, and will still need to stick together and work as a team to deliver their best in order for their individual as well as group success.  This requires a certain kind of chemistry.   Founders need to show that they have the maturity, patience, and respect for each other to make it through trying times.

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