Focusing on results

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January 2, 2013

Potentially successful companies start by trying to address a problem that has not been addressed or that can be solved with better solutions than existing ones.   While this is exactly what one looks for when embarking on a new idea or investing in one, the same premise also creates a problem for destructive self-doubts:  Can there be a better solution to solving this problem?  The answer is probably always yes.  However, “better” maybe different for different segments of the market.  Once you are invested in

the idea, without a mistake, as you should, you start observing competition and similar ideas.  What is important is to stay focused while doing this and to sharpen the competitive advantages of your solution, and not get distracted with what others might be doing.  Focus is critical to reach results, successful or not.  And without reaching results, you will never know if you were on the right track or not.

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