Angel Investor Etymology

Oleh: Can
December 5, 2012

As we discuss with entrepreneurs and investors, we are seeing that the definition of an angel investor varies significantly from person to person. The same is translated into Turkish as Melek Yatırımcı or Melek Fonu. However, later stages of investors, in particular venture capital investor, does not have an exact match in Turkey.

Angel investors are often defined as affluent individuals. However, we are seeing more and more groups of individuals who pool their resources together to invest as groups…or like us…as one entity as a fund. Some of these are managed by the investors individuals and others are managed by professionals as well as investors.

Angel investors are generally thought of investors who invest in early stage companies. Companies with possibly no revenues or no customers. Depending on the investors’ level of appetite, angels can invest in individuals or simply ideas. What we look for is a combination of an innovative idea backed by the right team to realize that idea.

On the fun side, a veteran angel investor told me his take on how the word “angel” came to be associated with these investments. His take is that this word was invented by entrepreneurs to make investors feel better about themselves and about taking risk and when they were worried about their investments.

Regardless of the truth behind this story or joke, we are proud to be angel investments are happy to work with entrepreneurs because we believe in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

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