About Us

Oleh: shine

Shine is a global angel and venture capital fund. We invest in teams behind new ideas that we believe can shift paradigms, create new markets and release previously unrecognized potentials.

We do not have a sector focus. No investment is too small. While we prefer first round seed investments in early stage companies, we also welcome opportunities to invest in growing businesses in follow up rounds.

We are an angel fund, but we also consider VC opportunities and make our angel investments with a vision to also invest in future rounds without requiring additional investors.

Our team comprises of experienced entrepreneurs with track record in a diverse range of industries and investment bankIng. We invest our contacts, know-how and time along with our funds. We believe in the teams that we invest in, trust them and mobilize all of our resources for our joint success.

If you believe it’s your team and idea’s turn to Shine, please contact us at through our online application form.