Zet chosen among Top 100 Startups in Europe

By: shine

One of our portfolio companies, Zet.Com has been awarded the Top 100 Red Herring Award in Europe.  Congratulations to the entire team at Zet for their success.  They have been patiently working very hard and have filled an empty space in the Turkish eCommerce market focusing on design and quality and providing craftsmen and designers with a very easy tool (Sopsy.com - sopsy...so easy) to start selling their art and crafts online. [caption id="attachment_94" align="alignleft" width="190"] Zet wins Red Herring Europe ...

Bubble or no bubble? A discussion on current rise in valuations

By: shine

Interesting discussion by Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon and Benedict Evans on the current valuations in the public markets.  We have yet to see tech companies in Turkish public markets.  The view of the speakers is that there is good reason to be optimistic and that the current high valuations in US public markets is underpinned by strong fundamentals.  As is the case usually in other sectors, hopefully, we will see a trickling down effect of this in emerging economies attracting both companies ...

Welcome to Shine’s blog

By: Can

Here at Shine, we are a bunch of start-up enthusiasts and investors.  Our goal with this blog is to share the news that we are following; the developments that we feel will impact the entrepreneurial scene around us, and our thoughts on investing and entrepreneurship.  We welcome suggestions and guest posts from other start-up enthusiasts; founders, investors and who ever out there may be interested in promoting entrepreneurship. We also included Knowledge Posts as part of our blog, which are aimed to provide more technical information on a given topic related to angel and VC investments. We hope you will find our blog useful in your endeavors. Shine Angel Fund Team.