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Shine Angel Fund

Shine is a global angel and venture
capital fund.

We invest in teams behind new ideas that we believe can
shift paradigms, create new markets and release
previously unrecognized potentials.


Your turn to shine
1.) What is your business proposition; what and where is the market gap that you are trying to address and how do you plan to address it?
2.) Why do you believe your idea can fill this market gap?
3.) Who are your main competitors and why? How will you differentiate yourself?
4.) What is (are) your revenue models?
5.) What have you done so far, and what needs to be done to reach success?
6.) Who is the team behind the idea? What are their qualifications and interests?
7.) How much investment is required? How and when will you use these funds?
8.) A simple financial model or projections that covers at least three years and provides information on the trailing 12 months.

Max file size: 7 MB | Allowed file formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pdf, Zip, Rar and Images file.

9.) Please attach any additional files you may wish to share with us to help our understanding of your business proposal.

Max file size: 7 MB | Allowed file formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pdf, Zip, Rar and Images file.

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